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    Ok, new 07 RK with Cali emission control crap. What is the break in procedure? The RK will be delivered to Cape Fear HD in NC and I will pick it up 14 December while home on R&R. I return home in June 08 to retire after 32 years of active duty. First trip is Sturgis from NC. Me and my CSM buddies are retireing at the same time and we go wheels up 2 August headed to Suturgis, riding all the way.

    I just want to make sure it is road worthy. So what is the breake in procedure? is there a service due after break in?

    Big Lou:14:
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    This works well and will give you a good running motor.

    Find a road where there is no traffic and get it up to third gear. Accel from 30-60 using a substantial amount of throttle (around 3/4 + )and coast back down to 30 again . Do this 10 times and your rings are seated. Keep speed to a reasonable limit and vary it on the parkways with no lugging and no high RPM hole shots. Then enjoy it.

    It's important in that it loads the rings from top and bottom using this proceedure and will force them out against the cylinder walls for a good seal.

    I service the oil at 100 miles with a filter then again at 1000 miles just to be sure.
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    If that doesn't do it nothing will no mater what the stealer says your "Warranty"says.

    I actually change the HD "Factory fill oils" as soon as I get the bike home, changeing to Mobile 1 V-Twin 20w50 in the engine and primary and 75w90 in the trans. Do the break-in as Glider outlines with the same 3 hole change at 1000 miles and then just keep it changed every 3000-3500 miles and it'll last forever!
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    Super, got it!!

    I truly appreciate the help. Don't expect me to go away any time soon, as I retire from the Army after 32 years of active duty I will have more time for this sort of thing. I will be asking questions for the long haul to Sturgis in August reference the new Bike and Egine.

    A thousand thank you for your help and good advice.

    Big Lou
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    Big Lou
    Glider is right on.
    I ride a 1981 shovel 80 inch.
    I just had the top end done and the shovel head and the shovel head guru(hard to fine these day's) told me the exact same is important to load the ring during the first 50 miles..Throttle you to about 3500 let down throttle up let down for the first 50 miles this will assure a good tight ring seal.12000 miles on my rebuilt doesn't use any oil and runs like a new stock shovel.
    Do not lugg the motor ..... keep it between 1st and third the first 50 miles.
    Freedom isn't free...Thank you my brother..