NEW battery won't hold charge

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by newguyneedshlp, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. newguyneedshlp

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    Can't get'r running. I'm a wrencher at heart but not mind. I'm a "learn as I go guy". So here is the prognosis
    1.Bike has sat for 3 years WITH GAS!
    2. Got the gas out pulled petcock and clean.
    3.Pulled jets and cleaned.
    4.Changed accel. pump diaphragm
    Got it fired up for about 30 seconds, then it died when I let up on the gas.
    ( Stock Kiehin CV, plug for air/fuel hasn't been removed).
    PART 2.
    I thought I had it dialed down to the carb.....NOW.... my brand new battery won't hold a charge.
    I have it charging by itself.
    I would have l juice to the headlight, but when I hit the button it wouldn't even turn over. Just a click. Thanks
  2. glider

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    Recheck the battery cable connections. They aren't making a good connection.
  3. hntwrobin

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    Is the battery taking a charge? Could be defective I've had that happen before.:newsmile048:
  4. TQuentin1

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    Like Glider said, clean all your cable connections both sides (battery and cable). Check the connection to the starter and the ground at the starter mounting bolt. Check the plug on connection at the starter. Check the other miscellaneous grounds.

    As mentioned above, is the battery taking a charge (I hope you are using a trickle charger so you don't fry the battery)? If it is, check this:

    Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community

    Especially the VR bleed-back test.

  5. rob1

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    It is possible that the pinion gear is not meshing with the ring gear in the primary. that will give a clicking sound as well. and not start or turn over...
  6. newguyneedshlp

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    Wow, thanks guys! I'm really chomping at the bit to ride. First bike for me in 5 years, marriage and two kids.
    Anyway, I have it on the trickle right now. Tomorrow, after checking cables, I'll give it a shot. If nothing happens I'll take it to Autozone and have them load test it. I'll let you all know how it turns out. I'll try and up load some pics. so you can see what I'm up against.
  7. newguyneedshlp

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    Bear with me. I'm as green as they come.
    This is what I have for ignition.
    Dynatek Performance Electronics - Harley Davidson Dyna2Ki

    Could this be hanging me up?
    Working on images.
  8. Davidw2415

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    If you haven't done so yet you should probably change the spark plugs. I didn't see any mention of them in your post. Good luck.
  9. newguyneedshlp

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    Yeah, that is on my laundry list of things to do. I just found out I have Dynatek 2000 ignition. I don't know anything about this bike. Cousin died and nobody in the family wanted the thing. It's been sitting since '03, I think!? Ha,Ha

    I have a toggle switch in series with the coil and the pos. on the battery. I have no idea what it is used for. The kill switch is rip out of the controls, but it is not that. What the (EDIT) could it be? I thought maybe it was to toggle between singe and dual fire. But according to the diagram it is set up for single fire/dual coil???????

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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