New Baker +1 oil pan

Discussion in 'Oil' started by bgrant64, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. bgrant64

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    I was wondering if any of you are running one of these new Baker +1 oil pans on your touring bikes yet? I have been reading some on them and I am looking seriously at it since I ride in hot weather most of the time. If you have one installed did you do it or have a shop do the install? I am not a big fan of putting an oil cooler on my bike since a couple of friends have them and have had nothing but nightmares with leaks, hose issues and problem with the thermostats.

    From what I gather the design of the pan allows for better oil circulation since the discharge and pickup are no longer close to each other.


  2. BluntForce

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    I just bought one when I ordered my DD6. I'll be installing it myself. Baker claims a temperature drop of 10 degrees in 80 degree weather. It may be awhile before I can test that claim.
  3. hntwrobin

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    You probably won't see that until June! Lived out there for 10 years in the Navy Port Orchard My kids liv in Tacoma with my ex:(