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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 300SRT8, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. 300SRT8

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    Looking for a recommendation on a seat for a 1998 RKC. The stock one makes me feel like I'm (EDIT) the gas tank, so I want something that puts me as far back as possible while still being comfortable.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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  2. Merlynn

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    Lots of good seats out there. I had a mustang seat I was well pleased with.
  3. RibEye

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    I like my Corbin Hollywood Solo. It is more like a horse saddle, in that you can sit anywhere you want to, forward or back. It is not soft and mushy, but has a thin layer of memory foam, which is more comfortable for me. I can ride all day with no ill effects.

    Rich P
  4. lorne

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    my 05 RKP has a very comfortable fit. not sure if the newer stock seats will fit yours though.
  5. Slapp

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    Seats to me are like oil conversations here, there are a hundred choices at any given time and everyone has their own opinion. So here is mine, get out there and sit on as many diffrent seats as you can (with the owners permission of course) untill you find the one that makes you go "oh man thiiiis is nice". Lets not kid ourself, seats are expensive and to throw money away to find one you like is a waste. Get out there and sit my friend. With that being said, I am partial to a Mustang clasic seat with backrest.
    Good luck.:bigsmiley11:
  6. ges32748

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    Been there done that....looked for the best seat here goes. I recently did an 850 mile round trip and SUFFERED up and back.:newsmile08:I couldn't go more that 45-50 minutes and had to pull over and walk around for 5 minutes and then I was good to go for another 45-50 minutes but NOT much more before I had to once again take 5 and walk around.:newsmile08: So I went to about every motorcycle forum out there to read every post available concerning comfortable seats...I can't begin to tell you how many posts I read and finally decided that I was going to get a Russell Day Long seat....problem was, I wasn't sure I wanted to spend 6-700 dollars for a solo seat. Luckily I was blessed and went to Ebay and found one for $238 who's previous owner was the exact same size as me...Lucky, Lucky, Lucky...(Blessed)!!:bigsmiley11: I can honestly say I would'nt sell this seat for a $1000 nor would I probably buy another bike unless this seat would fit the bike!!!!:newsmile093: If money and time (for construction of the seat) are not a problem I can assure you .... you would never regret the purchase of a Russell Day Long:yahoo