Never Trust Anyone!

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  1. rockerz

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    I sold my son my 2000 FXR4 a month ago. He is a very cautious rider, has taken the M/C safety course and has a couple years riding under his belt. Friday while going home for lunch he had a cager turn left in front of him at an intersection. He lays the bike down, missing the rear of the car by a hair, and goes tumbling down a 4 lane street. Thankfully he got away with only a broken wrist and bruises. The bike is ride-able with nothing serious.
    Never trust ANYONE while riding, you just don't know what they are going to do. Ride Safe Brothers.
  2. MrSleepy

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    I'm glad your son is ok. and your right, You never can tell when someone's goin to cut you off , I had a elderly lady come over in my lane recently and just about got me,while riding my bike.. when I finally passed her she had a cell phone stuck to the side of her head.. I drive big trucks for a living and recently they passed a law, All commercial vehicals have to be hands free when driving and talking on the telephone $2,600.00 fine first offence... I think that law should be passed for all vehicals being driven..
  3. rockerz

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    I agree. The fine should be stiff enough to get peoples attention. Cell phones (and texting) are great, but there is no doubt in my mind they have caused traffic accidents to increase, and thats not good for anybody.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Good to hear your son is OK, and you are right Do not trust the other driver to do the right thing in fact I assume they will not and am always looking for escape routes especially with on coming traffic
  5. TripleJ

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    Sorry to hear of your sons misfortune but glad it did not turn out worse. Here is to hoping his mending is quick and complete.
  6. harley@16

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    I think all drivers should be made to ride a MC as part of their training, that would give them and appreciation for the hazards they create
  7. oldhippie

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    Glad your son wasn't hurt worse than he was.:bigsmiley12:

    Ride like they're all out to get you, because some of them are.:p
  8. RibEye

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    My grandpa, alav ha shalom, always taught me to ride as if everybody is out to kill me, if I give them half a chance. That teaching has served me well.

    Rich P
  9. horizonchaser

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    Never in my 42 years of driving have I been as concerned about the other fellows driving like I am now. To be sure, there have always been scary drivers out there, but not since the advent of the cell phone have I been more concerned, and especially on a motorcycle! It seems that one in three drivers have a cell phone plastered to the side of their heads, and the look on their faces tells me that they are not in the moment but their thought are far off, engrossed in conversation.
    I have a smart phone. I have become very attached to it. Lets face it, they are incredibly useful but, there is no place for them behind the wheel. I only wish that we had stiff fines here in Massachusetts for using them while driving, and that those stiff fines were enforced!!
  10. gator508

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    Sounds like a very close call, glad it wasn't worse. Did the person in the cage stop. I think a lot of drivers are totally oblivious to their in a dream world while operating a vehicle capable of killing someone.