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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ausibatla, Jun 15, 2015.

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    I replaced the neutral switch in my 1990 softail springer about 5000kms back. It's playing up. The light goes dull when in gear and a bit brighter when in neutral.
    It was a nightmare replacing it last time so I want to know if there is a special tool to get at it. It's at an angle and hard to see in the sunken part on top of the gearbox and you only have about an inch between the starter motor and the gearbox. I can't even remember what size it is. I think, from memory it was a 3/4" but conventional spanners can't get at it.
    Appreciate any suggestions.
    :cheers :AUSTRALIA
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    Does the switch do anything other than operate that N indicator light? If not, I'd just unplug it and go old school. Find neutral and verify with the clutch. Even with the light, I won't wait for it to turn on and then pop the clutch. Still do the manual verification before shutting down.
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    If you can find 1 of these it may make the job easier]