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Neutral light

I have a 2007 Ultra Classic and after riding about 2 hours my neutral light will come on regardless of what gear I am in. No one at Harley seems to be able to tell me the problem. They say they have never heard of this. Anyone have any info on this?
Actually I never heard problem like this,what condition when you ride?If rainy maybe water make it to be corslet.

I'm not positive, but there has to be some sort of Neutral Sensor that activates that light. Could be the end is bad or the Sensor itself.

Never had a HD Trans apart, but used to work on cars years ago and there was always a Neutral Saftey Switch located on the side of the Tranny Case. It might be the same with with a Motorcyle Trans.

I'll ask around at work, there are several gear heads there.

I think its a heat issue. It comes on and stays on after about 2 hours of local riding here in Florida. Usually when the bike is fairly hot from stop and go traffic. On open road where the bike gets a lot of air I haven't seen the problem. A lot of people are complaining that the 07 96 cubic inches are running real hot.
Have you changed to the SYN3 oil? I have noticed a real difference in the runnninng temp on my FXSTBI with the SYN3 oil. Once you change to it you can not go back to standard oil though. Give that a try and see you run cooler.

I have a 2007 Heritage with the 96, and it does not seem to me to run hot. I do have the SYN3 in it.

Talked with a guy from work who works on Harleys for years. He said that he had never heard of this before... but in his opinon, there is a "button switch" that basicly slides into a dimpled or lowered spot on the shaft when you place the trans into neutral. He said that this switch can be adjusted by screwing it in or out to make it activate when the dimple is in place. He said it sounded to him like the switch is not set properly. He wasn't sure if on yours it would accessable from the exterior or not. (I guess some are). Have your dealer check for this. This should be a Warranty Issue for you anyway.

Hope this helps.


I spoke with someone this week that has this problem with an 06 model Dyna. She said that it was a Factory Recall to fix the Neutral light coming on. Seems once fixed, the problem for her started back up again. She claims that it still comes on whenever it wants to.
The MOCO came out with Service Bulletin M-1205 in March to correct the problem. New neutral switch 33926-06B has been introduced with better o-ring seal and internal spring to elimate your problem. Very common on the 07 bikes
Thanks guys, just signed up and you already answered my question. Just got my 2007 today and had the Neutral light after about 10 miles. Will check the dealership next week for the fix.
Just had this done on my 07 RKC. No more light now. I came on after washing the bike at first just in lower gears but as it heated up it was on in every gear. Simple istall.