neutral indicator not working? Oil light either...

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bio_research, Dec 29, 2013.

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    After getting a new clutch and chain my neutral indicator isn't working after about 50 miles. It may just be a fuse since the oil light doesn't come on when you first put the key in... I just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions before I wander out into the garage...

    well, it's not the fuses... hmmm...
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    Your Indicator pod for the oil,neutral,hi-beam lights etc. is an LED unit. There are no bulbs to replace like the earlier ones. However the neural and oil pressure switches both provide a ground to make the lights work with the key on, run/kill on or off, and bike not running. Once running the oil pressure switch opens from the oil pressure. The neutral opens when placed in any gear.
    I would take an Ohm meter and check them for ground, with key on or off first. Then with key on check neutral by putting in any gear and ground should on switch should go away. Same with oil pressure switch, but bike has to be running for that check. I usually just put my V ohm meter in the ohms/beep position for these test so I don't have to be looking at the meter. If the switches test OK then the wiring is open or the LED pod has 2 bad lights in it. They are Not replaceable. With the key on and wires off the switches there should be Voltage on the wires.You would think 12Vdc but that could be lower with LED circuits. Hope this helps.