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Needing Brakes

glide 33

Can anyone tell me of a good brake pad (besides harley). I bought a set for the rear last year, put approx. 1500 miles on them, about worn out already. Might not be the fault of the brakes. Ride on a lot of curvy roads, too many , way too close, deer stops.( one hit , with bad results, under my belt, already). I am needing to change all three this time. Was hoping to save some $ without compromising quality::bigsmiley5:
Lyndall brakes are about as good as it gets and are low dusting. They will discuss what you need on the phone. Paul JR and SR are both very knowledgeable people when it comes to brakes.

Lyndall Racing Brakes - The worlds best Brake Pads Composite Rotors --- Home ---

With only 1500 miles on a set of brakes, I would clean the calipers and bleed them to make sure there is no air in them. The air will expand when hot and could keep the brakes applied a bit and cause premature wear.

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