Need your help Glider....or anyone else.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Coaster1948, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Glider, I've read everything on all of the electrical threads here to see if a solution was posted by anyone. No such luck.

    Here's what Glider wrote:

    Broken speedo cable. The directional problem is a result of the reed switch in the speedo not operating because of the cable broken. The switch pulses as the speedo turns and is a counter for distance to turn off the directional's.

    My Problem:

    My turn signal canceller doesn't work. I thought that it had something to do with the reed switch on the speedo and I was right after having read one of your replies to another member.

    I've installed new halogen run/turn signals on the rear of my `91 Fat Boy. The ones I installed are from Lazer Star. I also installed the required convertors for each one of them. I bolted the convertors to the front side of the rear wheel splash guard as recommended. No issues at all with the install other than, I have to manually turn the signals off every time after making turns.

    I'm NOT....running the stock cable driven speedo so, the reed switch is not giving the canceller the required feedback for it to turn them off.

    Why am I not running the cable driven speedo you're most likely asking.

    When I got this bike used, it had the long (72") rear wheel cable driven wheel speed drive unit on it. I went through 4 of those before throwing in the towel. I remove the whole system. So, not wanting to install the front wheel OEM setup that came from the factory, I've chosen to not run the speedo at all. It just sets in the dash unused.

    Question is, is there something that I can do to provide the turn signal canceller with the required signal/pulses so that it will operate normally? I up a creek?

    The reed switch works. Well, at least it did before I rewired the whole bike with new harnesses and removed the aftermarket signals that were way to small. So, it should still work.

    I was wondering if I could disconnect the reed switch or jumper it in some way for the canceller to work?

    If I was to install the rear wheel sprocket electronic sensor (aftermarket) that sends a signal to an electronic speedo, then there must be a way to alleviate this problem.

    I really don't want to put the front wheel cable driven system on the bike. It dirty's it up too much.

    If I have to as a last resort, I'll just try to remember to manually turn them off after each turn rather than to install the OEM unit to provide those pulses needed for the reed switch.


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    The reed switch on the earlier bikes was a result of the cable driven unit that operated it. If you no longer turn the speedo, there's no way to jump the switch to make it cancel the lights without turning the speedo.

    The newer bikes use a VSS which is an electromagnetic pickup located on the trans in a machined boss and that gives a signal to the TSM/TSSM to cancel the lights reading off the 4th gear teeth on the gear as a reference of distance to turn off the signals.

    If you are opposed to canceling the lights after the turn, looks like you have run out of options unless you can find some after market unit that will do what you are trying to accomplish.
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    I was afraid of that Glider. I couldn't think of anything to do to accomplish what I need either.

    Thanks anyway.