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    A good friend and I want to do a vacation and ride Eastern Tennessee. I have been there several times and know what I want to ride again. My friend’s health issues keeps him from doing the 400 plus mile days like we used to do. We want to trailer the bikes to Tennessee and I am looking for your help. My friend’s mom passed leaving the family several time shares. The one in that area is unavailable till December. We asked about just parking the truck and trailer and they rudely stated unless you are staying here in your time share that is not possible
    The help I need is locating a place where we could park my truck and trailer for a week or less while we
    tour the area and stay in different motels along the way making our way back to the starting point. If any of you live in Eastern Tennessee and know of such a place that will not charge us an arm and a leg please contact me via a PM or email thru this site.
    I am also posting this on several of the Harley sites.