Need to rebuild front forks

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Michael15956, May 12, 2008.

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    Just purchased a 1980 FLT and it appears that the front forks need rebuilt. A heavy layer of oil is observed at the upper handle bar area of one of the forks and it appears there is not much shock action in the forks. I have the service manual to help with the job, but is there a kit that can be purchased for the rebuild? Also, any helpful suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Apyle

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    I just did mine on my fxrs. The big thing is make sure that you get all the components. I don't know how the front on yours is different than the front on mine. But make sure you get the snap rings it will save you a bunch of grief they don't cost that much. As far as changing the seals, I tried to shortcut around taking the tripple tree apart. I ended up taking it apart. It turned out to be not too bad. Just go by what the book says and it was suprisingly easy.
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