Need to lower wifes Sportster

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    Hey guys, my bride has bought a 1985 xls 1000,problem is she is short. I think I can lower it with 10 or 10 1/2 inch rear shocks. I am haveing problems finding them. When I find the shorter shocks they say they wont fit her scooter. Hmmm any suggestions? I was told one of the metric bikes has a shorter shock that will bolt up but not sure which one lol so that might be (EDIT) .

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    I apoligize Tank,wont happen again.
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    I would first look at two other area's first: low profile seat and thicker sole on her boot. Start messing with the suspension and you'll start to change the dynamics of ride and handling quickly. An upolstry shop can cut down the foam in seat(and add gel pad for comfort but thinner) or can find smaller (less thick) seats on internet.

    Link below has a kit info they used with 10.5 inch socks.
    Looking to lower my 05 sportster - Harley Davidson Community
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    Just choosing any shock to lower a bike will end up with very poor results. There's only so much suspension travel in any bike and if you go less than about 11" on the shock, you'll end up with a bottoming out problem.
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    OR like my wifes bike. The shorter shocks had such a stiff spring, that it made the bike into a virtual rigid frame. :(
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    Call Progressive, they will help and advise. Went through this challenge early this spring, ended up calling progressive and they put together options for my wife's bike. At 5'0" she has limited options and we started with a 2009 / 883L. We had tried the shock relocation brackets and that did change the ride, handling, and comfort. Ended up with Progressive 10.5 inch shocks, progressive front springs with 1.5" drop, and a cut down seat, the bike already had mid controls. Taking the front and rear down together did not change the comfort or handling FOR HER, I felt like big foot on a mini bike when I rode it. Added a GEN3, V&H slip on, and V&H air ...the lady holds her own with the 96 cu in crowd on a short sprint or in the curves still fades when we hit the interstate. She does bottom out on speed bumps. Biggest problem was modifying the jiffy stand. When we lowered everything the bike was straight up when on the stand and no one makes one shorter than 7" for a sporty. Found an old welder in town who heated, bent, and tempered the stock jiffy. Good luck, making the best half happy just makes life so much better.
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    see you guys brught up my thread on lowwering my bike , i'm 5'2 and want to lower my 05 883 sporty i installed a set of progressive 11' rear shocks and the bike road great and handled well . just sold the bike to my friend and he love's it !!!!!
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    Yes...I sit much lower with the low profile seat....Wish I would have gone for the gel....I went for the seat for looks:)