Need tires, few q's

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mattmuir, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Hello all. I have a 2000 Ultra Classic that I got this spring....long threads. It had 8200 mi when I got it and I have added about 1600 grin fill more since then. The tires are still the OE Dunnys and I am going to change them both. The front has tons of tread but its old. The back is now looking like its time.

    When I look at the new bikes at the dealer they are waaay wider than the stock on mine. Should I go bigger on the rear? Any down side? Or just stick with whats on.

    Oh, thanks for the self help section. My son and I just change all the fulids last week. Was a snap. Have the pepto stuff in the trannny and it really made it quiet and smooth. Amsoil syn in the motor, and primary.

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    The new Glides have wider tires on them with the improved frame. I would stick with the stock size and HD Dunlops. If needed you can go 1 size over in the rear. Not sure that you would notice any difference at all....

    You are welcome for the self help section. It is the most organized and information filled Self Help Section that you can find anywhere....
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    Try a set of the Dunlop Elite 3's. Just make sure you get the valve stems replaced!!!!