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  1. dont know if there is a post on cleaning alum. found alot on paint and chrome but the salt has my alum looking real bad ive washed it off and wiped it down but now i need to put some work into it to get it back to looking like it should and any help on a good way to do that would be a blessing. was thinking about mothers but i did a lil spot test and it didnt do what i wanted it to do . should i go with a ultra fine scotch-brite or is there a compound out there that would do the job? thanks for any info you could help me with :bigsmiley30:
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    Most of the aluminum is clear coated so I would be careful about using anything that is abrasive. It will break through the clear coat and you'll end up stripping the part completely to get any good results from it. I would give flitz a try and test it in a spot there it isn't too noticable just in case.

  3. Thanks Hob. i do believe its past the clearcoat, it looks like its was starting to pit the alum. when i hit it with mothers alum polish it had dark spots all over it so i think ill hit it with the 1200 grit when i tear the tank and fenders off . got hooked up with a tight paint job on a new stretched bob tank. it going to be Chronic green pearl with a crystal FX . ill post picts when it get done. what solvol and polishing compounds woud u say to use on this job ?