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    Leaving Ohio for California in early spring ’09. Last week of March or the first week of April. Hope to be back by first week of June. Need to find cheapest Gerbing Heated Gear, jacket liner, gloves, pant liner, and socks. Not so sure of what the weather is gone to be like but that’s the plan. But the highs for that time of year are 45-50 deg. And the lows are mid 20’s-30’s deg. Going straight south on way out and through Denver coming back.

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    Two days ago I bought a new Gerbing heated jacket and outer pants locally. I was surprised that the local shop had 10% off on all there Gerbing gear. I'm glad I shopped locally instead of ordering from on-line like I usually do. If I remember right the Gerbing site has a dealer locater. You might try that and see if a local shop has a better deal for you than retail.
    I know that you said cheap so this may not matter but for a little more money the outer wear jacket and pants make life so much easier on the road than dealing with all the liners. last April it was high 30's when I left Houston heading to Las Vegas and 93 when I got to Tucson. Dealing with liners when stopping to eat and such made me wish I had easy to remove outer pants at least. By the way, the pant liners don't work as well under denim jeans in really cold weather. Just thought I'd throw this in. I made do with liners but think if you can pay a little more you might find it easier traveling than to strip off liners as the day heats up.

    ahhhh, for you and others who want the deal of a lifetime on Gerbing, here you go
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    WOW those are great prices!!. Almost makes me WANT to ride in the cold!