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Need some exhaust advice

Just purchased a 06 Springer Classic, the person I purchased it from replaced the stock slip ons with SE slip ons. I am really disappointed in the sound. I know it is cause of all the EPA crap that HD has to comply with. Anyone got some suggestions on a exhaust. I have looked at the V&H fishtails of the Rienharts.
If I'm not mistaken the springer has one exhaust pipe on each side of the bike, so I'm not sure what V&H carries besides slip-ons, but Rinehart has a true dual set up for your bike that sound really good.
Yeah the V&H are slipons, however I did find a pic of a FLSTSC with V&H true duals, I just can seem to find it again. My buddy has the Reinhart true duals on his road king and loves them, and they do sound great.