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Need some advice

Here is my situation. I have a 07 street bob with no mods to it yet. ran accross a nice deal and picked up a PCIII with the usb. can I hook this up on the stock pipes or should i go ahead and wait till i get the exhaust that i plan on going with then put it all on at the same time?

Exhaust ideas ?????
Right now im looking at the V&H Short shots staggered (Black Line)

Open to comments and ideas, thanks

You can hook it up the the 07 provided it is compliant with the 07. As far as if you can put it on, that would be a yes as long as you don't mind changing the map once you change the pipes.
it is the one for the 07 dyna, and the map changing part is fairly painless for the most part i hope, ha ha,, famous last words. So i can set it up to run with the stock pipes and stock air breather? I am thinking i would rather go ahead and put this on the bike and not have it down a long time while im replacing the exhaust and the computer and the air cleaner if i can have it down for short periods and still be able to ride would be nice.
Only problem I can see is if there is a map on their website for all stock components, other than that, go for it.

If not, then you couls choose a map for only slipons if there is one. It should be close enough.
I have the shortshots on my xl1200 and they sound great, i've also heard them on the 96 ci and they sound good on that too. my dad has V&H big radius on his '07 softtail standard, and they are also a really nice set of pipes.
Well here is a little update Power commander III USB install was a little rough getting started but after i found the bolt hidden by the plug it went in pertty easy. The re routing of the connectors was fun as well. I loaded the stock map in with the Screamin eagle air cleaner bike preformed flawlessly i ran that for about 2 weeks then i went out and hunted for exhaust sytems. Found the Python 2 into 1 with a mild rear exhaust tip not the big trumpet looking kind. I just couldn't bring my self to put one of those on my bike. I was a pro at getting back into the PCIII and re loading the new map into the computer and put the exhaust on in about 3 hours not to bad took my time and looked at everything as I took it apart so when i put it back together it would work. no parts left over ha ha.... Love the sound and the look. I will try to get some pics of it up soon... and I am also going to try to get it Dyno'd just for S&Gs