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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by blues821, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Well I started to have some idleing issues on my 07 I went to the self help section and found out about the IAC and how to clean it ..... so I do ,I just used brake cleaner.......well after I did this the bike didnt want to start while I'm holding the starter button the starter made a funny noise kinda like a grinding ...well the bike fainaly started and I kept shuting it off and restarting it the starter sounded as it always does fine but that grind sound it made on a long effort has me wondering should I pull the starter and check the pinion gear ??? or can I remove the primary cover and inspect the starter pinion and the clutch ring gear at the same time....Ive been wanting to pull the primary cover and check the tensioner and change the primary lube anyways ....oh and if I do pull the starter the manual says to be careful not to loose the dowel pins ....what do you gear heads think??


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I think the extra CRANKING just wore the battery down.. I would RE-Charge battery fully and go about my business..

    Glider has an 07 that HE changed out the compensator to a BETTER one offered By HD...

    I don't know what you would check in the tensioner department, as Isn't it the AUTO Adjust?

    I would change the lube IF NEEDED and call it a day... If noise reoccurs THEN do something about it..... Just my way...

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    I'm with Bubbie. I wouldn't pull my starter until it no longer started.
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    Some 07 models had problems with the ring gear going south prematurely, mine did The Dealer warrantied it and installed a new clutch to boot:s
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    It was the compensator sprocket not the starter the only way to fix that is to upgrade to the SE compensator sprocket . 99% of the noise that people think is starter noise on the 07 and up models is really the compensator sprocket .