Need new bars, where to start?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by colnajoe, Jun 12, 2012.

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    I saw a chiro today and he said part of my neck issues have to do with the stock bars on my '02 RK Classic. He's a rider and says this plagues many a rider. Im guessing I wanna go up and back with the bars, but have no idea where to begin. I do not want to have to switch out my cables. Where do I start? Any specific brand? How much can I go up without having to switch out the cables? Any help would be great. I'm 6'00 with 34-35 arms. (I was told that helps when sizing on line).
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    Give the guys at Hill Country Customs a call in Texas. They were a great help to me in getting my bars and cables. They can probably tell you how much higher you can go and still utilize the stock cables. I'm sure they will answer all of your questions.
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    I thought that I would need new bars on my Ultra when I first got it but decided to try a back rest first. Glad I did as that solved the problem. You might want to give it a try.
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    +1 to Bodeen....I have a 2012 Road King I took delivery of in mid March. After a 1K mile trip around Lake Michigan, and a recent weekend ride to Pittsburgh and back, I decided I needed new bars too. The stock bars on the RK forced me to have to lean forward, thus causing neck/shoulder pain. I adjusted the bars up/down but nothing helped.
    Just yesterday I ordered a set of Heritage Bodeen said, it's strictly a bar swap, no new cables etc. The Heritage bars provide an extra 3" of pullback.....
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    You have to get the Heritage Style handlebars made for the FLHR/FLTR HD part #56902-08 for $79.95. These bars are for the Throttle by Wire bikes so they have the notches in the end of the bar on the throttle side but they will work on your bike, HD does make the same Heritage style handlebar for the FLHR/FLTR for the earlier models that do not have the TBW notches on the end but I don't have that part #. The Heritage style handlebars will allow you to use all of your stock wires and cables including brake lines, you will get around a 3" rise and a 3" pullback plus your wrist will be at a more comfortable angle.
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    You might be more comfortable coming up a tad, but with 34 inch arms I would not think you need to come back any (no pull back).

    I have 27 inch arms and my 10" high straight up Tbars cause my arms to bend plenty. I like um for the height and hand position but wish I had 8" highs to straighten my arms a bit.

    The bars they spoke of above might be all you need, maybe with some 2" risers if you need some more height.
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    I have a 98 RKC and was not comfortable with the stock handlebars either. I found a set of 2004 Road King Police handlebars on craigslist for a reasonable price ( after researching these I found out that they are actually Heritage bars ) I bought them and had a friend do the install ( no modifications, direct fit ) and I have no more neck and back pain. As stated in the other posts they are higher and a little narrower and allow for more pullback, I am happy with them!
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    What about Harley's "high road king bar".? Anyone use that?
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    I installed the extended reach bars pn# 56512-04B and all worked fine except you have to lengthen the wiring since they are concealed inside of the new bars. Otherwise they are great love them. Page 571 of the HD catalog gives you the dimensions.