Need Info About Michelin Tires

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    Does anyone have any info on or about Michelin tires????? Good,Bad or Ugly.. They ask me $220.00 for a rear tire this last week-end plus install.... Thanks,,:newsmile047:
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    They are a French tyre manufacturer they make very good car tyres with good grip in most conditions long tread life and a high price however i do like them on my car and have them fitted currently
    some of their bike tyres are pretty good however i prefer avon tyres on my bikes although i have ran Michelin bike tyres without concern in the past and may use them again in the future
    My preference in a motorcycle tyre is for good grip in the wet and as such my preference is for a tyre that will give me the performance that i need

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    I am on my second set of Michelin tires. The first set wore out at 10,000 miles (16000KM's) - The second set was installed at a cut rate at the dealership that I bought the bike from. I was angry that the tires wore out so quick, so the dealership cut the cost by half.
    So far so good. I am careful with the tire pressure, as I believe the original tires were over inflated. These tires are kept at 30lbs psi. the others were kept at over 40psi!! by dealerships recomendation. I am going to a different dealership now.
    The tires perform very well. I feel they compliment the Dyna perfectly. I ride in lots of wet, rainy weather quite often, and I trust these tires. There is a Railway crossing in the middle of a long curve with rubber matting covering the crossing ties. Very slippery when wet, a true road demon. No bike can go throught this without some kind of drama in the rain. I am able to ride through this with confidence (and careful riding cause I know it's there).
    If the Michelins are a deal, go for it, but I find them just a softer form of Dunlop tires. I feel Dulops are just as good.