Need ideas on how to spend $500 at local HD dealer

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by AZRobert, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. AZRobert

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    Our anniversary was this weekend (19 years)and I got the wife the usual
    jewelry, flowers, and a card.

    I have been off a bike for a little over 20 years and I picked up an '07 Street Bob about 2 months ago.
    I ran it by the wife first and she said "Fine", but I found out later that it wasn't the "correct" Fine. So I've been in the doghouse since (but grinning seriously to and from work, and on weekend morning solo rides)

    She found out late last week that one of her girlfriends was riding with her husband on a Harley Touring bike when they were cut off and went down. Her friend said that she got some bruised ribs and the only area that she got cut up was on a hand that she wasn't wearing a glove (lost it on a rest stop). Apperantly her leathers pretty much saved her.

    After hearing this, my wife stops in at the local HD dealer and gets a really nice leather 3 in 1 jacket - armor shoulders and elbows, vents and pockets everywhere, and a subdued flame/skull design that reflect light.
    Don't get me wrong, it was very nice. But we aren't "well off" and this thing was over $600 out the door. I explained to her that if I were to even rub up against something (let alone go down) and scratch it, I would probably just sit down and cry...I also said that we could probably get something just as good, but without the HD name for half or even a third of the price. (I like the bike, but I'm not real crazy

    We took the jacket back, picked up the wife some HD boots. I couldn't see spending what they wanted for the jackets or even the TShirts. Dealership was nice and gave the rest of the refund in a gift card that can be spent on anything there - Parts, accesssories, ect..

    My Street Bob has the pillion seat added and a sissy bar. Mechanically it is still stock, but performance is ok with me. May a little louder pipes (seems quiter thatn I used to remember) Last week I picked up the detatchable docking kit for the sissy bar and the tail light relocation kit. I'm going to use part of the Gift Card for a shop manual.
    But what else should I do?? Beach towels and coffee cups???

    Sorry for the long winded post - probably why I don't post very much..
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Let me let you borrow my ol lady for a few minutes...She can do it!!!:D
    Guy's I am talking about spending money here!! LOL
  3. dbmg

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    Redfish-Joe isn't it funny when you need some $$$ even to repair bike, she says thats expensive. But when they go shopping and spend double it was because everything was on sale.....:wall
  4. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    Seems like it's stacked that way. I have a 20 year old pair of boots and she has a nice new pair of HD lady boots...Just ain't right I say!! (she ain't gonna see this is she??):p
  5. dbmg

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    So long as she is not peeping over your shoulder!!!!:)
  6. marknett

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    idea's on spending 500 bucks at hd .....
    Walk in the door :laugh
  7. Iceman24

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    IMO...use it on routine service work, or buy service manual & lots of bike maint. equip/parts/supplies. $500 goes quick when working on scoot...
  8. bcortani

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    +1 Iceman. Any of the other wear gear(Coats, boots, gloves etc) you can find of better quality and at a better price elsewhere...and more importantly, made in America. Look at the forum on your specific bike and see what the common issues are and pre-invest in some maintenence/replacement items. Could even look into using some of that to upgrade the headlight bulb to a better/brighter model. And if you don't have it yet (I dont but its on my list) the taillight/signal light conversion kit to turn your blinkers into brakelights...or something like that. Have fun with it, not often you will have that kind of windfall...luckeee!!:newsmile093:
  9. Rabid Ranger

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    Meet me there and I'll spend it for ya!:)
  10. TQuentin1

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    TFI and 1/2 Stage 1 (air cleaner). Get your slip-ons for Christmas!!