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Need Honest Advice PDQ.......


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I can trade my Wide Glide for a 08 Nite Train. With no increace in monthly payment.What would you all do?:eam
For a Softail the NT was my second choice and the more I look at them the better they look. The drag bars are what does it for me. I might apply a set to my Deuce.

I bet that helped a lot!!!!!!:D:D:D
You wont go wrong with either bike. A WG is a heck of a ride, unless I needed a new bike Id keep Wide Glidin it.
Keep your WG. There is not a whole lot of difference for me to extend out my payments. If it was to move up to a touring bike, I would consider it. BTW, the payments might be near the same amount, but you would be starting over with a brand new term, and all the money you have paid on the WG would be lost. Bad idea, IMO.
Yeah i thought about it and decided to keep WG.You known Dynaguy sounds preety pimpin. I dont think Softtail guy sounds that good