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    Ok, I've decided to put some sort of fuel enhancer on my '07 street glide, what I need to know is, will the TFI, that Glider talks about, work with the 02 sensors and how hard is it to install. Oh, I have v&h true duels, v&h ovals, dealers stage one download, and breather. Please Help!!!!
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    That glider guy likes the TFI because it works well with most any mods and needs no dyno time.

    You can have the 02 sensors in the loop or do away with them and use the resistors like I do so I can control the fuel in all areas otherwise they over ride the TFI settings.

    One thing, if you lift the tank to do the installation to get at the injectors, don't lift higher than needed, you can break the plastic fuel line end under the frame. I usually prop the rear of the tank up with a towel rolled up to give the necessary room to get at the injector plugs.

    If you can start your bike by yourself, you can install the TFI by yourself too.

    There's a bunch of posts in the self help forum even a video install. #11 sticky tip in that forum.

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