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Need help!

I run the Metzeler ME880 tires on my bikes. In April, Parts Unlimited [phone 608-758-1111] raised the price of 1 size of the ME880, the 160-70VB-17 by $100 to around $240 or so depending on where you shop. The rest of the ME880 line went up in price by 3%-4%.
Metzeler tech says the tire has not changed, and no way would they raise the price on that 1 size tire by a $100 and not do it across the board, it's price went up about $8.00 or around 4%.
J&P, Denis Kirk, M&M and Parts Unlimited say no one has complained so the price stays as is but if Complaints come in or Metzeler sales are impacted the price would be adjusted accordingly.
So help me and all the 160-70VB-17 users out by calling or emailing all the above to complain or at least ask them WHY!!
Metzeler - 1-800-747-3554
Parts Unlimited - 1-608-758-1111
J&P - 1-800-397-4844
Dennis Kirk - 1-800-969-7501
Email from J&P

Email from J&P.
Dear Carl,

Thank you for your recent phone call regarding P#216-040.
I have verified with our purchasing department that the price currently listed in our inventory is $241.99. This price increase was given to J&P Cycles by our supplier.

We do appreciate your business with J&P Cycles. We are not able to price match this part.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. You may reply to this message or call us at 800-338-1747.

Thank you,
Customer Service Supervisor
Looks like they will be loosing some sales on that size tire. I wouldn't pay that much of an increase when the rest of the line stayed more in line with a modest increase.
Looks like they will be loosing some sales on that size tire. I wouldn't pay that much of an increase when the rest of the line stayed more in line with a modest increase.

Please do me the favor of helping me spread the word about it!!
WILL DO !!!!! , "NotVeryPC" !!! As "Larry The Cable Guy " would say," That there's just plain WRONG" ! Just plain WRONG!!!".How would they like it if ya turned the tables on them and said, " Well, I'm gonna just start payin ya a $100.00 "less" for that tire. Just " CAUSE" !!!!! Ya know, people like that forget real quik, it's us "Consumers" that put them and keeps them where they're at!!! Only way to send them a message and remind them of it is to quit buying from em.NO Buisiness.......No Store......NO 'Job" !!!!!
Raidals! That's the Ticket!

I'm going to try a different set-up. Stock tires are bias ply, size : front 100-90-19, rear 160-70-17, Harley sells a kit to fit a 180-60-17 to the rear but the Dunlop 501 tire they sale with it is just horrible! Makes the bike super hard to turn through a corner (even at legal speeds).
Without the kit or a little fab work on your own, a 170 rear tire will fit fine and up to a 120 front tire will fit with no mods.
So I'm going to switch to radial tires and run a 120/70ZR-19 front and a 170/60VR-17 rear. Metzeler 880's are $40 more for the radial front and $40 less for the radial rear. :dknow
Same price as the bias if you buy both a front & rear, but since I go through 3-4 rears to 1 front. I save at least $120 over the life of the front tire, and if the radials wear as well as claimed I save even more. And I don't have as hard a time justifying the cost increase to put them on the BBB.
My 95ci bike will have to stick with stock Dunlops :cry
till the Michelins make it from the P&A catalog to the actual dealer.
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Ya know, I'm probaly not one of the most popular/well known bikers in my riding circle of friends,but I'd say I've got 150 to 200 contacts I assosciate with throughout the cruisin circuit. I,m gonna let Metzler know that in my letter I'm sending and also let them know what kind of buisiness tactics and their attitude towards consumers purchasing their products is.Let's just say for the heck of it I'm able to influence 1/3 rd of those riders not to purchase any Metzler Tires or any of their products.And then that 1/3 rd is able to convince another 1/3 rd of their rider circle, and so forth, etc. etc. etsc..Now I'm sure that my initial response from the Dealership is gonna be," It's not our fault, it's our supplier's. And then the supplier's reply will be,"It's not us,it's our supplier, and then they'll pass the buck on down the line all the way back to the manufacturer.Bottom line is we really don't care who they pass the blame to, cuz when we all quit buying their products, it's gonna back up all the way to the manufacturer and then the "reverse ripple effect" will occur in the form of less shipping due to less orders,then suppliers drop off, then orders decrease,buisiness drops,stores close,jobs "DISAPPEAR"!!! Just like they told us back in our school days....."Supply and Demand " runs the world and effects everything and everyone !!!!!! Later, HI-Tek:s:lero:42:
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