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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dirtyray, Dec 6, 2010.

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    How do I hook up the voes? Is there a wiring schematic? I have a purple and a black wire or do I hook it to any hot? I don't know what my harness is off of. I have a purple and black connector that is not used and a green white and black connector that is not used. Are either one of these used with the voes connector? Also can you tell me what the other is? I have a vacuum port on the manifold I know one end of the vacuum line connects to voes port. There is also a t on the other end of that port what does the t connect to? I set the valves to 0 lash but the rear still sounds kind of loud. Please help I am getting extremely frusterated with this thing. Thanks in advance.
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    From the Tank's links you're well covered for the VOES. But very simply - one is for the ignition, the other for ground.
    The 'T' is to hook up your vacum operated petcock (if you have one, if not it should be blocked).
    What puzzles me a bit is that on mine the vacum is taken from the carb, not the manifold...
    Get a wiring diagram for your bike, and if it's not original, I would spend some time mapping it.
    As for your valve lash - what valves are you talking about ???