Need help with led blinkers

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by fatglide, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I bought a set of LED stop,run,turn lights to mount in my saddlebags. I drilled the holes for the wires and mounting. When i hooked them up they would only come on but would do nothing else. I called the people who made the lights and told them what was going on. They told me they could not get them to work either as a run,stop,turn. He also told me that all distributors were supposed to be contacted of the problem but it might have slipped by some people. The guy told me to just use them as a marker light. That's nice what about my blinkers or the holes in my bags. The lights have three wires on the back. I have a relay on my bike to make my original blinkers tie in with my stop lights. Can I use only two wires and hook them up like my original blinkers or do I need a load eq. Any help please.:bigsmiley31:
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    fatglide; You should be able to tie them in to your turn signals with no problem. The tiny current draw of the led's in addition to your stock signal lights will not be recognized by the system. It's only when led's are used in place of stock signals a equalzer is needed. I can imagine your frustration after drilling holes.
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    I know it must be very frustrating but I for one would like to know who the manufacture is so I won't make the same mistake and buy any of their products....