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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 01 rk, Feb 27, 2012.

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    A few months back I had a problem that just reoccurred, the speedo, tach and radio stopped working, the mc runs the lights and turn signals work as well as the brake lights. The codes are as follows [the same as last time]
    P= U1097, pn34309-06
    S=U1097, pn68922-00d
    SP=none, pn67349-04
    T =none, pn67348-04A
    U1097= loss of speedo serial data efi.
    The last time this happened I removed and cleaned all the fuses and coated them with di-electric grease and re installed them, everything has been working fine until now, I need to find the cause of the problem and correct it before something serious happens.
    The mc is a 2006 flhtci.
    I would appreciate any help, as I am not electronically inclined.
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    Suggestion: Just as you did with the fuses, start at the transmission with the plug on the speed sensor and clean and grease it, and all the plugs from there to the speedo. That would include any gang plugs under the seat and the ECM. If the turn signals aren't canceling, clean the plug on the TSSM also. If it happens after this, someone with a lot more knowledge than me will have to come in. The above possible fix is free, can't beat the price.
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    I already know what the codes are. What I need to know is what is causing the problem and how to correct it.
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    Have you checked the state of the battery?
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    Most in likely the first code is the problem and all the rest of the codes are secondary codes that come up as a result of the first code. The best way to trouble shoot the problem is to eliminate the last code first and work your way to the first code (according to HD) but I have always found that if I take care of the first code them most of the problem is solved. But in your case you are only showing 1 code and the code shows that the serial data is lost do to a EFI (electronic fuel injection) problem so your search is already narrowed down, check all EFI related wire connections and clean and put dielectric grease on them to start with and see what happens from there.