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Need help with a front end problem!!


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I have a 2007 Dyna Streetbob, I bought a springer frontend from Mean Street Products, It is raked 3 degrees in the trees, it is 1 1/2 inches longer, and am still running stock front tire. I am now getting a really bad head shake problem from the front! If i twist hard on the throttle it does it, or if i'm cruising somewhere around 65 it only takes the slightest bump to make it start! Does anyone have a idea what could be going on? I have only been riding street for a year now, so i'm new to the suspension rules of the street. I would much appreciate any help or ideas to help correct this.
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Front end geometry can be tricky at times. If you kick out the front end too much you end up with a poor handling bike that could be very dangerous to ride. That particular bike has 29 deg. to start with and you increased that 3 more which shouldn't be in a danger zone as far as over extended. You also went 1 1/2 inches longer too. The combination added to the origional rake may not be a good combination for that bike.

I would check over the bearings in the neck and wheel for starters before going any further. You may find that the neck bearings are loose and that will cause what you have here. I would also check the tolerences on the stock neck beaings and races if you used new bearings with the new front end with the old races.

Aside from that, take a look here and maybe you can get an idea of why you have the shaking going on.
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