Need help with 2009 Road King Handlebar problem

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    I just aquired a new to me 2009 FLHR Road King. My issue is with the handlebars. When riding, I feel like I'm leaning forward and I get wrist pain on the outsides of my wrists. After reading numerous posts, I figured I would check out' the Heritage style handlebars... So I went down to the HD dealer where I live and started checking out the other bikes. I found a 2013 Heritage model and checked her out. Sat on the bike, closed my eyes, brought my hands up and they instinctively found the hand grips. I thought to myself, problem solved. Spoke with the parts department, looked up what was needed, and ordered the parts.
    Well, got the parts in today, brought them home, and guess what... The bike already had the Heritage style bars installed (and here I thought they were the staock bars). So I headed back to HD with the bars in hand and compared them to the bars on the 2013 Heritage. The bars are nothing like each other. Speaking with the parts department (Good guys here) we started looking in the catalogs. Next thing you know, I have 4 other people helping me... Thought to myself that this was gonna get confusing real quick. It didn't.

    So now here is my dilemma: I need the bars to be about 2" higher and about 1.5" closer to me than what the Heritage style (56902-08) are. I want to stay with the stock bar diameter since I don't want to change grips, accessorie mounts, andthe stock risers.

    Any suggestion as to what bars would give me the hieght and pullback that I'm looking for? I also want to keep the cables and wiring to be interanal as they are now. It's such a cleaner look

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    See if there is a riser for your bike that will move them up and towards you.
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