Need help with 1987 electra glide sport Stator

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    Greeting all, I am looking for information on how to replace a stator on an 1987 electra glide sport evolution motor 1340 cc. Mine has gone out and I cant afford to pay a mechanic, I was told its faily easy to do, I just dont know what tools and time and procedure to approach it from. Can anyone give me advice and or a link to a place were i can get a HD service manual
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    The description that Glider sent you is very interesting because the author uses his imagination to create some tools to do the job. I especially like the cutting board deal. I use an old chain tensioner shoe.

    To just replace the stator on your bike, you do not need to remove the inner primary. Once you have the cover, compensator, clutch basket and chain out of the way, you can get the rotor off. I do not use any sort of puller, but rather screw a couple of carriage bolts in the tapped holes in the rotor, clamp on a couple of large lock-jaw pliers, and pull the rotor straight off the drive shaft. That will uncover the stator. Replace that using the NEW screws supplied with the new stator and work the plug in the hole. If you need to use something on the plug to help cram it through, be sparing. I personally like a bit of liquid soap.

    Put the rotor back on with the same set up you took it off with. Just be ready, cause the magnets are gonna want to snatch the lock-jaws out of your hands. If you are worried about it, rig up something like the pulley puller in the example, or buy the HD tool. Mount everything back and torque to the specs in the book. Be sure to use some red Loctite or equivalent on the compensator nut, and the clutch nut (lefty). Adjust the clutch while you have everything handy, then put the cover back on and add HD Formula Plus or Spectro Primary (1 quart). Button it back up, and you are done.

    Don't forget to plug the voltage regulator in to the stator plug. Also, Glider has a link to a keeper that is very handy to make sure that the plug stays on.

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