need help, transmission gone

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by gonzo3502, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. gonzo3502

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    please help me figure this out, not sure what happened, i have a 2005 sportster 1200 custom, 40k miles
    i was riding my bike and stopped at a stop sign, i tried to roll backwards a little in first and it wouldnt roll, i got it out of the road and now the gears are gone, not sure why, first gear allows me to roll about 6 inches then stops, nuetral is now a gear, i cant let the clutch out and its the only way my bike will roll forward when i let out the clutch, all the other gears are the same as 1st
    any ideas on what happened???
  2. fuzzy359

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    humor first "your prawl has a grawl"
    it sounds like a worn shifter prawl or spring broken, shifter shaft worn or bent,shifter drum and side pins etc.
    you may have to pull trap door assly and see what causing the problem.
    you've got 40k if it's in town mostly than things wear a lot faster then road bikes.
  3. vpats

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    No Trap Door? OMG, I didn't know that. What fun fixing that transmission.