Need help on find parts to use 1997 carb for 1985 fxstc bike

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ron1978, Feb 18, 2011.

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    i'm hoping a couple of you can help me, find what i'm needing,

    i have a 1985 fxstc softtail, I have a 1997 heritage springer carb i'd like to put on it, the # on the 97' model carb is 27492-96.
    i need a fuel enricher assembly for it, support bracket to bolt up to the 1985 bike. and a manifold adapter.

    if you can help please send me details and where i can order,
  2. fin_676

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    My parts list is for 93/94 but i dont think the parts changed that much from year to year on the cv carb with the exception of the jet sizes to lean down the system
    the manifold part no = 27019-89 the carb pushes on to the manifold and is supported by the air cleaner which is bolted to the heads with hollow breather bolts from 93 onwards but solid bolts prior to that so there is no support bracket
    ther are also flanges for the manifold front and rear 27009-86a front and 27010-86a for the rear seal intake manifold x 2 26995-86a and a seal at the carb to manifold junction 27009-89
    there is nothing in my parts list marked as an enricher assembly just lots of parts to the enricher
    The cv carb uses a 2 cable system one to open the throttle butterfly and one to close it hhowever you may be able to get round this by fitting a suitable spring to pull it closed but this will make the throttle action heavier
    i hope this helps a wee bit