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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ppofootball, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I read, and have been a member for some time now and respect everyones views and opinions so here it is, I have two bikes right now, my 2010 Streetglide that I have done up West Coast style for cruising, 21" front wheel, 18" with 200 rear, Yaffe Monkey BAgger bars and matching crash bar, etc... Best Bike I ever had and love it, I also have a hot rod American Ironhorse Pro street wth An S & S 113 spotless bike and it flies, I just turned 46 and tired of the vibrating, always breaking down non HD bike in my American Ironhorse. I want to start traveling but do not want to take my streetglide cause its my show bike and around town rider.

    I found a Mint 2008 Ultra Classic Sun Glow Red with 5300 miles on it locally, it already has VH tru duals and SERT, and some other chrome goodies. I can pick this bike up for 16K or about 8k with my trade in ( IronHorse of Course ).

    IS the 08 Ultra Classic a solid Touring Bike and has anyone had any problems or concerns with theirs. I have searched but could not find anything.

    Price good ? Quality etc.. All in put is appreciated.
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    If its clean and corrosion free I'd say its a pretty good deal. But I'm not an Ultra guy. Seems to me like that was the first rear cylinder cut out year and their were issues. I'm sure someone will chime in. Good luck
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    Like Tank I also have a Standard. I am looking for a 2008 Ultra also for I really like that year for it is the old style Harley. So if part of the equation is keeping the Street Glide then you will have the best of both worlds and I do not believe you would regret it.
    Harley-Davidson FLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic Value Email January 23, 2011
    Suggested Retail Value $18445* The Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Value.
    *Price Includes: Stereo w/CD & MP3, CB & Cruise Control Optional Equipment: ABS (Tour ex CVO)
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    My brother in law has the Ultra and is real pleased. He has never mentioned any problems.

    Good luck with your choice.
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    Thanks Men, After a ton of reading, I went and the guy let me ride it today for a couple hours and thats all it took. I didnt get as much for my Ironhorse as I wanted but the deal was great and the finance rate was even better, I was gonna just cut the guy a check for the 9K balance but I got a 4.9 % for 36 months from my Wells Fargo Account so I couldnt pass it up with no pre pay penalty.

    Of course I have to add a few things, thighs were on fire on way home and its cool outside, I know theres a guy on here who sells those really nice Leather ones, the seat sits me up a little to far so I need to find something comfortable, low and sits me back an inch..Any Suggestions ? I have the Lepera Villan on my Street Glide and love it but not for an Ultra.

    I already ordered the Floor Board Extenders and Heel shifter extender. I guess I'll wait for a trip to replace the speakers and amp.

    I had a 8" smoke sheild I put on tonight and went for a quick ride, Doesnt block all the wind that original clear one did but works nice and sure does look better. Open for suggestions on shields as well ?
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    Good for you on the sweet deal. I'm pretty pleased w/my Klock werks 8.5" shield & they make a larger one too. Curved edges help w/airflow...deflects around rider.

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    Regarding the nice leather heat shields...Zoood can probably help you with fitting to your new bike... :s

    Options for seat would be 1) change (expensive), 2) redo (several good saddle makers that reprofile and reupholster your current seat, 3) put on a sheepskin/gel cover with vinyl coated metal hooks (under $100).:)

    There are various replacement screens from 8 to 10" plus, best use your existing sheid and tape cardboard, mark and cut to height where you can just look over it when sitting up straight, measure from mounting base and order regular or recurve type and you will be comfortable.:60:
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    all I can say is WOW!!! What a difference from my StreetGlide to this Ultra. I thought I may have been too young to drive an Ultra..But this weekend I rode down to Key LArgo with some friends for the Seafood fest and then to Marathon and Holiday Isle, all in all about 250 mile round trip. ANd it was like I was in my BMW 7 with a convertable. I love my Streeglide, dont get me wrong..But thats what it will be from now on. Anything over 100 mile at once will be on my new Ultra.. Well new to me, 2008 Ultra Classic , 5500 miles, Candy Apple Sun Glo red, SERT, VH Monster ovals and SE air CLeaner, Extended floorboards, Heat shields ( From the guy you guys told me about ) great call by the way. I have some type of LED lighting the previous owner installed on the tour pak, it can blink and its super bright. My buddies said I looked like a carnival from behind and it was awesome. I have this little magnetic key that makes them blink and other stuff anyone know what this is? Guy I bought it from said it cost about 400 to install this for safety..
    Anyway, I called MeanCity this morning to set an appointment to get my seat moved back 2 and down 1 I like to sit inside the bike not on top of it, thank you all for your suggestions they were 100% dead on.

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