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    I have a 1999 FLHR, bought it used in 2003 and love riding her. Recently I purchased a set of Progressive 444 shocks to replace the stock air shocks that came with the bike. Simple right? Four bolts, get a torque wrench piece of cake. Except I found it was lowered. The lowering kit was a heart shaped plate with three holes for bolts. The first, obviously for the lower shock bolt the second one when where the old lower shock bolt was ( and now interferes with the 444 ) and one to accept a stud bolt coming out from inside the frame. The lowering plate then closed out the rear of the frame. Does that make any sense?

    So when I remove the lowering kit. I found I needed to order the lower shock bolts. Gone when the lowering kit was installed. But there is no longer a close out for the end of the frame and stud bolt. From the rear of the bike looking at the frame end, it looks like a square pipe with a stud bolt coming out the middle. The bolt I'm going to say extends out beyond the frame a good two inches.

    My question, after all that, is...Is there a part that should cover the end of the frame that's now exposed? If I don't get an answer after this post, perhaps I'll take a photo and re-post.

    Thanks for the help in advance, just wanna make sure I'm doing the right things.

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    Awesome ! Thanks Breeze3at ! The parts I needed were #9 and #13!

    Outstanding help. It was appreciated. Also, thanks for the link. I'll probably use it again!
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    Nice work Pete!:ap