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    I'm going to the States on vacation in May and every year I've the same problem. How can I protect my face against sunburn? I'll be 10 days on a bike. I cannot get sunscreen here with a very high protection factor....but if I go there in a store I really don't know what to buy. Spray, lotion, gel..... and what brand.... and which protection factor is high enough....???

    Last year I tried one of the sprays. It was good for the arms but not for the face because you had to be very careful not to get it in your eyes burnt like (edit) !

    I appreciate every recommendation.....

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    high spf sunscreen and apply often .. sunburn and windburn are your too main enemys .. so after a day of riding some lotion works well on face
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    If I were concerned about sunburn on a bike, I would be looking for a full face helmet, very thin gloves, glasses with UV protection, long sleeves and maybe a bandana around my neck.
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    Each year I find myself not wanting to put any sunscreen on and I end up paying the price for it. I tried some stuff called Banana Boat Sport UVA and UVB sunblock and it seemed to do the job. It has a rating of SPF 15, it seems to work for me. I'm sure that there are more kinds to choose from but this is the one that was bought for me to use. Have fun on your trip.
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    I use the stuff they put on babies. (go ahead, throw the wise cracks...LOL)
    Nothin gets thru that stuff, and I burn like a lobster.
    Coppertone makes one called "Faces" and it works great.

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    Hey Crazyfrog...amphibians do not like sun, no wise crack from me...but burn like a lobster? :14:
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    30 is pretty much as high as you can go, any number beyond that is gimmicky. As was noted, frequency of application is usually the problem. The more you sweat the more you need to apply it. Most people apply once and forget, but you really have to apply it every 2 hours at least to keep the protection, even the waterproof stuff.
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    Thanks guys for your help ....I'll try the recommended products and see what will work the best for me....... :56:
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    My girlfriend, now wife, got me using a cream called "faces" I thinks it's rated at 45 spf. The great thing is that it's not greasy and It works, if you remember to use it. I have found it in the grocery store. A little seems to go a long way