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    This is a question for the backseaters.
    My wife wants to know if the Air turbulence is harder or softer on a road glide ultra than say a heritage softail. Headed out to try out some bikes this weekend. They won't let us test ride doubled up. Was going to rent until they said no price drop on the new bike. Have been told a price for a 2013 RGU that is going to be hard to turn down. So thank you in advance for any feedback you can give
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    I have never been on the back of either but I can say my wife has been on my Road King and my ultra and the fairing makes a huge difference for both rider and passenger.
  3. HDDon

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    My wife did get some wind buffeting until I changed the stock windshield to a recurve, on my 05 RG. On my 94 Heritage she does get more wind due to it not having a fairing. A lot will depend on the seat and the height of your wife. When you test ride either bike put your hand above your head and that should give you some idea of how much wind will travel back to her.
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    Probably won't help much but I started with a Honda VTX then went to my now Roadking Classic with the Quadzilla fairing. She loves the Harley. The fairing makes it a better ride and the air shocks help.