Need advice bike shut off on me in traffic.

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Aerodawg, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Today on my way to work got caught up in stop and go traffic, which normally I dont ride in. While sitting waiting for the traffic to move the bike quickly sputtered then reved up on it own and shut off. I retarted it and it reved up again on it own and shut down. I pulled over to the side and waited for a few minutes, the bike then started up and i was able to ride it to work but it sounded a little rough. No unusual sounds, the outside temp was 94 and the anolog thermometer in the oil said temp was 240 when it shut down. needless to say was concerned, just took the bike for a short ride during my lunch break and all seems fine. I cannot see any oil leaks etc... the only other thing I did was get gas yesterday at a place that I normally dont fill up. Does the harleys shutoff on their own if they get too hot?? could it be bad gasoline?? The reason I ask.. is tommorow I will start riding in stop and go traffic everyday as I changed shifts. Any suggestions will be most helpful. Thanks to all for your comments. I ride a 2010 Fatboy lo, 7600 miles.
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    If you have any warranty left I would let The Dealer have a look at it
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    Definitely check for codes and any recalls. I had similar symptoms and there was a recall on the fuel filter.
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    Are you cable pull or TBW.