Need a place to keep truck during Blue Ridge Parkway trip

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by krtracr, Jun 17, 2013.

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    I am looking for someone that lives near Cherokee N.C. that will allow us leave our pick-up truck and U-haul trailer at their residence for a week to 10 days this summer.
    My wife and I are planning a road trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway on our Harley. We plan on leaving South Florida on Saturday, July 27, arriving in Cherokee Sunday afternoon.
    Our plan is to stay in Cherokee Sunday night and leave Monday morning for a week to 10 day trip along the BRP, I believe it is about 450 miles, we have no agenda or reservations at this point, the plan is to do a lot of hiking along the parkway trails and play it by ear.
    The only hard date at this time is I have to be back at work on Monday August 12.
    I would like to leave our truck & trailer at someone’s residence where it will be out of the way and won’t have to be moved.
    Also, any tips on things to do and places to stay from people who have done this trip would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Tom
  2. krtracr

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    Thanks Tank,

    Good idea, there is a HD dealer in Cherokee.
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    I know of people that parked in a fenced in yard of a body or auto shop for a nominal fee. Also, I've heard that some motel owners do the same, as it looks like they are busier.
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    Don't know haw you feel about casinos, but you could check with harrah's in Cherokee

    Harrah's Cherokee
  5. krtracr

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    Thanks everyone for the replies, all are good suggestions that I will follow up on.
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    Why not just ride it up and then you don't need to worry about parking the truck anywhere.....Just a thought!?!?
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    We live in SoFlo and spending 700 miles on a straight asphalt roadway in 90+° temperatures is not my idea of an ideal ride.

    We are stopping in Athens Ga. on the way up to visit a high school friend of my wife's, we may leave the truck there, I think it s about 3-4 hours to Cherokee from there.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Totally agree! We just got back from a trip from SW Florida to Franklin, NC and back. After dealing with the heat, rain, and a tired, cranky wife, I think I'll trailer the bike up there next time.
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    The "dealer" in Cherokee is strictly a gift shop. They do have a parking lot so it might be worth checking into but no services like an actual dealer.

    Actually a little less than 3 hours from Athens to Cherokee. If your friend would allow it, this would be the best and cheapest alternative.

    On the BRP the time of year you're going, I highly recommend planning to do most of your riding in the morning and early afternoon. Thunderstorms that pop up in the afternoons arrive almost without warning (remember, you're cruising along in the trees on a motorcycle) and can be quite violent at that altitude - heavy downpours and treacherous, gusty winds. Keep an eye on the daily weather forecasts and plan accordingly. Hopefully you'll get a week of rain free days!

    Also, check the BRP website for any sections that may be closed or under repair. If this happens, the detours are usually clearly marked but it's still nice not to be surprised.

    Bring enough layers to account for some early morning departures when it may be surprisingly cool in the mountains.

    Have a good map and/or GPS with you. You almost always have to leave the Parkway and ride a short bit for gas or other services.
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    Dr. Dolittle,

    Thanks for the info and good comments, we rented a cabin in Cherokee last summer, went riding 5 days while we were there and came back wet 4 of the 5 days. The weather is one reason we are planning on taking a week or so to ride the 460 miles.

    The day we road Tail of the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway we road 103 miles in the rain back to the cabin, it rained so hard the bike cut out 3 times from water settling in the pipe, when we would start up a steep hill (mountain) the water would run back into the carb and choke the engine.