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    Most of you know what I've went thru and about finally getting to sit on my bike last week. Well, I sit on it again today. My problem is.....I cant stand it up. Anyone who has had an accident or knee/leg problems, can you give me any idea of some extra excercises that I can do to build up the strength of my left leg? Has to be some I can do at home. Hubby has a weight bench with leg lift bar attached. I aslo have a stationary bike. Maybe if I increase the resistance it might help build up my leg. Right now I have it at 0 resistance to work on ROM. Any other ideas anyone? Thanks abunch!!
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    You can try increasing the resistance ,but don't overdue it,if you tear a very tender tendon you are worse off.But if you work it and stress it just enough that you are sore,not will build the strength back up by a process of rebuilding the muscle.I was on fire when I was very young(got too close to a construction heater) and each time they replaced the plate on the bone below my knee I had to go through this till I quit growing.
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    Cant imagine a better exercise than squats for picking up a bike.Id check with the doc first of course.
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    Some sound advise is to not try to stand the bike up until you rehabilitate the leg first. If it gets away from you, you can re injure the leg and also damage the bike too.

    Slow and easy, don't get over anxious.
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    Try some "kick boxing style", left foot step foward and kick your right foot out then switch it over right foot foward, left foot kick. Less strain on the legs but building muscle quicker and safer.
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    Most important, at this point, is not to further damage what you have. You need to check with a physical therapist for exercises that will accomplish what you want, without the negative. Be careful taking exercise advice from others. What worked fine for them, might not for you. Good luck.
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    Thanks everyone for your input!! Squats are something that I do with a ball at therapy. I'll ask them about the resistance for my bike and doing leg lifts. See what they recommend. I only have 3 therapy sessions left because of insurance. My insurance limits the amount of sessions you can get per year. It sucks but at least I got some.
  8. Crazyfrog

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    Just be sure you continue at home exersize when your done with therapy. And as others have said, don't over due it. It takes time to heal, and usually can't be sped up with any positive results.
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    Also once you build up some strength ,Turn the bars lock right before standing it up.
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    I know it's easy for me to say but the main thing you need to exercise is your patience. Like everyone has said, if you get reinjured, it will be worse and take longer to heal. Just spend all this extra time cleaning, polishing, Pledging, and loving every square inch of your bike!