Need a bright brake light?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Sheepdogmarine, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Sheepdogmarine

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    I just recently changed my tank and fenders to a Candy Apple Red set with metalflake flames. My wife was behind me and said my brakelight did not stand out very well, so I went on a search for a better one.

    I bought a BAL-1 made by Brightasslights, sorry Glider, but that is their name.

    What a difference! It has multiple flash patterns and intensity levels you can choose and really makes a huge difference. Now when I get one of the stupid tailgaters, I can flash the brake light and they usually get the message instead of my old style hand gestures.

    It is plug and play and very easy to set up. No, I don't work for them. I just know I always hate watching in my mirrors for people to see me. I still do that, but they have to be able to see me better now.

    Their website is - BAL-1 Tail Lights, Super Bright LED Lights

    I picked up my light at the one Harley dealer that had them in our area. For $200, I think it was a great investment.

    I wonder if I can Pledge it?

    Ride Safe!
  2. glider

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    Use Pledge on everything but tires and leather :lolrolling
  3. Hoopie

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    The "brightass" light is just that. Not only can you change the intensity of the light but the pattern. I have mine set so it blinks 3 times then steady on. You can change patterns in seconds if you want too. I have gotten many positive comments from fellow riders. You can see drivers re-act behind you as you apply the brakes. A good safety light!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    No experience with electronic modulating rear tail light...but I have always tapped twice when coming to a stop as a regular habit after a rear ender a long time ago!

    And yes, bright LED rear tail light is great...(I use conventional looking red one by Küryakyn). Have even had other motorcyclists pull up and ask me about them.
  5. robjr

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    Do any of you guys run the headlight modulators with the tail light units? All around visibility has got to increase ten fold.
  6. little_earl

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    I have the one Harley offers that plugs straight in the turn/brake harness and makes the turn signals act as brake lights also. Many riders said it is very brite and ask where I got it from.