NC State Rally

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by HarryB737, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. HarryB737

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    I went 1-day (Saturday) to the NC state HOG rally. Unless I missed something, it was a little disappointing... Insurance Venders, some food venders, 15% off in the dealership on parts & motor clothes and thats about it. Was looking forward to other aftermarket venders & more "custom" rep's. Didn't see them. If someone else went & was impressed chime in... :newsmile077:
  2. Gus the Rat

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    i didn't even know there was a rally in NC...

    i live in south east NC and usually just go to bike week in Myrtle.
  3. WHM1

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    I live in Charlotte where the "rally" was held.... very disappointed. They were charging $5.00 to even enter area where the vendors were set up? I have attended other NC state rallies and this one was a flop!!! We have gone to Daytona both rallies in March and October and all the vendors from every after market place you can think of and it did not cost $5.00 to see them. The last nice NC state rally was held on the Outer Bank and it was really nice. The rally was held in mid April and I believe because being in early spring a lot of pen up demand for riding and the first big trip for the year. Here in June some schools are still getting out and only a week before July 4th vacation... who ever planned the timing of this one must have their head in the sand... timing in my opinion was the down fall of this "rally"