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  1. Radar Love

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    I have an '08 UC and am considering the addition of the factory navigation system located in the radio. Does anyone have experience with this system?
  2. MikeMihelich

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    Ditto on recommending the aftermarket. The HD Nav unit for the radio is very weak. I have a Garmin c340 touch screen model that I like, about $350. Many people seem to like the Garmin Zumo, a bunch more money but made for bikes and loaded with features. I would definately say that Garmin is the way to go.
  3. Fourdogs

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    I have the Quest2...just like the one Harley sells ..only diff its a lot less expensive...does not have the HD locations either....I use the ear piece ..and we never use it to see where we are going...we use it to see how to get back..coz when we see a interesting road ..we take it! then its when it comes in handy it will lead us to the closest hotel.:D
  4. gs34

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    +1 for what Smitty says.
    I completed a trip to Texas with my Garmin 250 stuck to the gas fill cover of my 07FLHTC. It never moved, gave me great info, and was completely removable when I reached my destination.
    Even though it is not waterproof, it came thru numerous showers and moderate rain completely unscathed.
  5. Spade5

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    I have a TomTom One that is about as basic as it comes - $150. It will fit in the Harley tank panel pouch or your pocket.

    I don't use it to tell me where to turn but will use it instead of a map. Like was mentioned previously, take an interesting road then you may not know where you are after awhile.

    I usually have a good sense of direction when driving my pickup but not so on the bike. I guess I am just enjoying the ride and not worrying about where I am going or how I am going to get back.

    Personally would not want the option of looking at the screen when riding but to each his own.
  6. TexasJohn

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    I have the Nav system on my 08 eagle UC. I also have a Tom-Tom 920. Over the 4th I went to Wisconsin on the bike. I used both at the sametime I know sounds silly but trying to see how the Nav worked on the bike compared to the tom-tom. Both worked about the same. The only draw back i could find is that I had to have the Nav CD in the drive. I do like the directions better on the bikes nav system. But for ease of use go buy a tom-tom or something like it.
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  7. Vibratinharley

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    IMO, The HD navigation system is ok but I bought a Garmin C550 for $199 and I used velcro and bought a 45 dollar Kuryakyn multi purpose chrome handlebar mount and I just stick it on and use the bluetooth to connect to my headset and it works great, And, I can take it off bike in seconds and use it in cage or on another bike. As stated above, the navigation is pretty much the same as other GPS units but I like being able to hook to computer and send my POI's from Google right to GPS. Thats why I like my Garmin more than onboard system. *** I should have put that money into more chrome. :D:D My $.02 worth
  8. skipper318

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    have an 08 ultra. talked to several friends who work at dealerships. all recommended against hd's. purchased garmin zumo 550. it's great! comes with a car mount also. wiring was easy. hardest part was removing gas tank. purchased on line for $600.