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Narrow Band 02 Sensors


BOT Machine
An explanation on their operation and how the SERT works with them.

2006 EFI Dyna models come equipped with 2 “switching†sensors also known as stoichiometric sensors. Unlike wide-band sensors which can measure and control over a wide AFR range (10-20), switching sensors can only control within a narrow range (+/- 0.5 AFR). This offset in control is accomplished with the EFI Race Tuner by adjusting the Closed-Loop Bias table. Closed-loop operation is only used when the engine is in a normal operating condition.

There are several instances when the ECM goes into open-loop operation. These include warm-up, high load or high RPM operating conditions (such as WOT), when the vehicle is in Hot Engine Management, or any time the AFR requested is richer than 14.6. Data Mode has also been updated to read and record proper Closed-Loop parameters for proper tuning.