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Nady MRC-11X


I'm leaning towards trying out the Nady MRC-11X as a starter set. The intercom mode between the rider and passenger sound as though you could use it to allow both the rider and passenger to communicate as well as both to listen-in on any bike to bike communications.

It doesn't have Bluetooth, but I'm still not convinced I want to answer my cell phone while I'm cruising...

Anybody have any experience with this set?
OK, Here's the scoop...

I bought the NADY MRC-11X with an additional headset, one for me, the other for the wife. After installing the headsets in our helmets, and connecting the headsets to the single radio, we sat around the living room and conversed (I'm still picturing the sight in my mind, two grown people sitting three feet apart with 3/4 helmets on saying 'Can you hear me now?')...

Now for the semi-technical stuff:

The NADY has two modes--intercom, and intercom and radio. When both the driver and passenger are plugged into the same radio, the intercom starts working immediately. That is to say the microphone stays 'hot' continuously and you can hear the passenger talk while you talk (full-duplex). You hear yourself when you talk into the microphone (side-tone). This is good when sitting next to each other in the living room--it's like talking on the phone. If you connect one head-set into the set, it operates just as you would expect-only when you push the Push to Talk (PTT) does the mic become active and you hear side-tone.

When in intercom mode (two headsets connected to the same radio), the microphone is always active and very sensitive. It picks up small sounds (birds and other small creatures) and amplifies them so both the passenger and driver can hear them. This is bad.

While running down the road at speed the intercom picks up the sweet sound of my V&H classic slip-ons and amplifies it so the passenger and driver can hear it. The passenger and driver don't need to have the exhaust amplified to hear it, it is loud enough already. The swooshing sound of 70 mph wind is also picked up (along with the sound of the exhaust) and amplified so the passenger and driver can hear it. Again, not needed.

My complaint with this set is that it needs three modes (vice two) --intercom only, radio-intercom, and radio only. In the new mode of intercom-only mode, the PTT switch simply turns on the microphone to allow communication and not stay active all the time. If in the radio-intercom mode, the set operates as it does now (full-duplex with hot mic at all times--in case you want to sit in the living room with your headsets on and converse), and with radio only which turns off the intercom altogether and operates as a radio should.

We have since purchased another MRC-11X and can talk via the radio mode (although two feet apart on the bike) without having the exhaust and wind noise being amplified and shoved into our ears at all times, and will test on our next run. Heading for Key West Saturday morning.

Will let you know the outcome and will post pictures...