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    My wife and I are goin on an impromptu trip into the north western U.S. Montana, nothern Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Going across the Road to the Sun (Logan Pass) first then on a south west angle to the coast in Oregon and back north into Washington. Then east back into Montana. Looking for info on places to see and roads to use. I want to stay off the interstates as much as possible. Thanks in advance.
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    I would strongly recommend LOLO Pass (HWY12) From Lolo Montana to Lewiston Idaho.
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    I agree with blademan, that is a great road. From there, take 129 south to rt 3 into Oregon. Joseph is a great town, if you can, check out Wallowa Lake Lodge, great place to stay. Rt 26 is pretty neat, goes through the high desert, the painted hills are pretty impressive. Another great spot is Crater Lake, it is incredible.

    You are going to have a great ride, enjoy.
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    I agree with the above posts. Hwy 12 through N Idaho is beautiful. Nice, twisty road that follows the Lochsa River.

    If you're heading west at that point be sure to take the road that goes through the Columbia River gorge. Take the road on the Washington side. The Oregon side is interstate. This ride is hard to describe.
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    For the part through Oregon I would suggest the route that will be the Oregon H.O.G. run route. Since I don't have enough posts to insert links please use the following. www {dot} orstatehogrally {dot} com" From where is ends at Coos Bay I would continue north on Highway 101 to Washington.
    Be sure to ride prepared. I may be 100+ degrees in eastern and central Oregon but only around 60 with some nip to the wind up the coast.

    Enjoy the ride