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Myrtle Beach Meat & Greet


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Word, Myrtle Beach Bike Week is fast approaching. I was pondering the idea of this HD Community having some sort of meet and greet arranged for one afternoon during this May 9 ~ 18 event. Some ingenious soul in that area could possible do a little foot work and see there is a spot where we can meet some of the people we’ve been chatting with across the country. Myrtle Beach Bike Weeks events are spread out pretty good across the entire area so should be no problem in finding a tent area or facility that can accommodate us. So what cha think ?
Subtle suggestion to maybe dining at some feedbag as the meeting place,, perhaps a cookout or Hooters,, I’m prone to go where the food is, thus Meat and Greet.:ap
Oh, I'm quite sure that would be a safe bet that there's a Hooters in Myrtle Beach. There's a Hooters right next door to Savannah Harley-Davidson. I'm talking maybe 50 feet away. Get a new headlight and see some headlights all in one stop!

Or a tail light! :D Orange?
Yep they have a Hooters, I dined there two years back, up on the north end on the main drag. Fairly large one and had a couple of Harleys on the floor for deco. I think, there were some distractions running about.
Well... good customer service is always the hallmark of a find dining establishment.

Wonder if they even HAVE a Hooters in Myrtle Beach? It's not like they're a Starbucks... every ten blocks.

Yes they do have several Hooters in Myrtle Beach. Some freinds and I ate at one of them a few times while on a golf trip a couple of years ago. And in case you are interested across the street from this Hooter was a bring your own booze strip club. And there are over a Hundred golf courses.

I beleive the name of the club is Derriere's. I think it's about $15 to get in and they give a cooler to keep your booze in.
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Oh, yeah. Anybody wanna see Joe get an instant divorce? Just let the boss lady find out I went to Derrierre's and watch how fast she can look up and call a divorce shark!! No worming my way out of THAT one!!:52:

Hey, haven't you heard, what happens in Myrt---oh wait, that's Vegas