Myrtle Beach Bike Week '09

Discussion in 'Events' started by T-Skully, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Just got the March '09 copy of Thunder Press from the local Haley shop and there is a whole page ad letting all bikers know that Myrtle Beach wants bikers to attend the spring rally, just not the small, rinky dink "City of Myrtle Beach". 90% of all of the events where outside of the city anyway. The city of MB is NOT all of Myrtle Beach. I think when a lot of people hear that the city of MB does not want bikers they think that it's all of MB and it is not. Horry county is a pretty big county. My brother lives and works in North Myrtle Beach and he said they are welcoming bikers with open arms, heck it's more business for them so why wouldn’t they be glad that the City of MB doesn’t want bikers money. I have a condo in North MB partly because of the rallies and I will not be intimidated! I will just obey the laws as I do here in my home town or anywhere else for that matter and will smile real big spending my money outside the front doors of the city and have a great time in doing it:D

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    Thanks for posting... Look at this one ordinance, nothing over 89db. I (edit) louder than that! Seriously, 90 decibels is about the level of thunder or a lawn mower, so 89 is around there.

    Five took effect immediately, including the Noise Ordinance amendment, 2008-68, which was subsequently amended in 2008-77 to set an at-idle maximum measurement of 89 decibels for all motor vehicles. The remaining ordinances now take effect Saturday, February 28, 2009.

    Ride safe and have fun!
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    Myself and 4 buddies (and wives) are going to the event. We're staying right in MB at the Broadway Sheraton (time share exchange), but will not be spending our time (or money) there. It will be interesting to see how this years event turns out. It's our first time.
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    Just curious, the one thing I loved about Myrtle beach was the large amount of accomidations on Ocean blvd.We stayed at a days inn and got an apartment type suite for around $110 a night.Are all those hotels on Ocean blvd. in the city of Myrtle beach?Also remember the main strip, think it was rt. 17?No matter where you go you gotta travel that road.
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    In reply to what I've heard on the db levels is that it will be hard for them to be inforced or at least stand up in court since there are not any "dead set" studies out yet to compare the readings to surrounding noise such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, generators, large trucks, ect. Hard to measure your db level with what else is going on around you, plus I think there is a lot of concern on how the readings are taken, a certian distance away and then at an angle away from the pipes, correct me if I'm wrong.:eam
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    i think all will be fine 90% of biker estab.are not in the city limits. im staying in pawleys island go to mb harlley site they have a list of biker friendly estab.and hotels. north mb welcomes all with open coming from ky.i think they need all the support they can get to keep this rally going.just not a DIME IN 09 to the city of mb.they have map to get around city limits so you dont have to have a helmet if you so desire.this only implies to the city limits of mb not HORRY CO.:bigsmiley12:
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    Wife and I along with two other couples are headed down. We will be staying at the Lakewood RV Resort in South Myrtle. Can't wait, Think SPRING...:)
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    I'll be there too... staying in Surfside Beach this year! Come the long way from Germany the 9th time....

    Just some more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! :small3d026:
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    I haven't checked into the situation at length, but I know a lot of riders around my area say they are skipping this year or that they are going to make sure that they do not spend 1 red cent in the city of Myrtle Beach.