My VIN# got Powder Coated ..What to do?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Justin2wheels, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Justin2wheels

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    Hello Everyone,
    Im a newbie to the forum.. ( it was recommended by a friend )

    So here is my dilemma..
    Im a happy owner of a Sporty 883 that has been incredibly good to me..About 6 months ago right before I moved to CA from VA, I took my bike apart and decided to give it a well deserved face-lift
    I took the frame to get powder coated and clear-coated and I got the frame back just a day before leaving VA.
    I was really happy with the look of it but now Ive put the bike back together with some upgrades, a 1200 conversion and cosmetic stuff.. and I just noticed that the VIN# in the neck got covered by the powder coat and you can not see it
    if you brush your fingers in there you can feel it but cant see much.. If you use a flashlight in certain position you can sort of identify the last 13 numbers in there (so its definitively my frame)

    Now, the question here is what to do? How can I take off the powder coat just in that area or what are my options?

    The bike is finally running and i have to do the DMV transfer and out of state Reg so I dont know if they want to inspect the bike and or if I get pull over I'll be in trouble.

    Has this happen to anyone before or Im a lucky one ...
    Any ideas will be appreciated

  2. Maustarman

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    I'm definitely subscribing to this one

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Gasoline will remove powder coat...

    How much and how to apply ?????

    Your call....:newsmile055:

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    I would use a Dremmel hand tool with a brass wire wheel attachment. Try it somewhere out of sight first. As the brass is a softer metal than steel, it should expose the numbers and not remove any of the original steel the numbers are pressed into. Take it slow and be careful. Keep it neat and you should be able to clear a nice rectangular badge to view the VIN.
  5. Breeze3at

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  6. Webbtron

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    I bet they just use your existing title and issue a new one based on that. I wouldn't do anything for now.
  7. blademan

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    Every time I have changed States they wanted to verify VIN. To the OP, I would just rub Chalk over vin and see if that satisfies examiner before I got to drastic. Depending on where you are you may even be able to get an LEO to come to the house for a VIN verification.
  8. Cyclops

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    Have you tried to rub some chalk across the vin# area to possibly get the VIN to where it's legible? Removing the powder coating would be my last option.


    Whoops, I didn't see your reference to the chalk. I kinda got in a hurry when I started reading about removing the powder coating.
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  9. Justin2wheels

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    Alright .... Decided not to wait and deal with it..
    Taped around and tried almost everything: gasoline, acetone, brake fluid, Dremel bras wheel and the powder coat is so thick the Dremel wheel did not cleaned up..
    Finally I used a very small art brush and brushed a bit of aircraft paint striper and finally so the light.
    Two things:
    1-The powder coating is THICK I don't know how to describe it but its the equivalent to about 6/7 pages of the service manual all toguether (if you can picture that)
    2-they did blasted the thing pretty hard (now that the metal is bare you can easily see the engraving but is there aren't any sharp edges to the Number & Leters
  10. Slo-Ryd

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    Does it look "factory"?.......I mean is a DMV inspector going to look at it and think the vin was altered or self engraved? I wouldn't want to have to explain a sketchy lookin vin. Here in CT, they verify the numbers on the frame neck when registering from out of state titles. The stickers aren't valid enough that came on the down tube which obviously you no longer have either. Hmmmmmm.................