My Stealer came through

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by AZDave, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. AZDave

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    After riding for a day with my new Rush 2 my ears were ringing. I called the HD dealer who said no problem we will order you two 1.75 baffles. They thought I would like them more . All at no cost they even matched a online price to begin with. I must say I was expecting a SORRY BUT.

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    Two things, don't call them "My Stealer..." They did you good, so to return the favor, I think you should post them on "Dealers You have had Good Experience...!" thread, JMHO.
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  3. RickyBobby

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    I agree that dealer is no stealer. They did you good.

    I have a dealer close to me. I tried to buy from them, but we never got together on price. I bought elsewhere. I needed a small part one day and went on over to get it. They just handed it to me, no charge, said they would catch me next time. I remember that and I will go out of my way to repay them for being generous. I don't call them a stealer, just a good and handy dealer that I just might have to rely on someday.
  4. SeaRider04

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    I could never understand why people call dealer = stealer even though when they did one good. When does a dealer become a stealer ?.
  5. ranman469

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    azdave witch dealer??
  6. Redfish-Joe

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    There are two things that's hard to find under one HD roof. A good sales staff including parts and a good service dept. If you have that you are luckier than most. "Stealer" may not be the best way to describe that store. Just saying....
  7. Skratch

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    I think I have a great dealer. Sales and service. When I have a service issue they are johnny-on-the-spot with making sure I'm happy. The 3 bikes I've bought from them in a 13 month period, I always felt that they were giving me a good/fair deal. (especially after visiting other dealers while riding and having them want me to buy a bike...and their deal isn't anywhere close to what my local guy did)

    I brought my Ultra in for its 1000 mile service. A couple days later (after not even riding the bike) I was out doing my 2 day overdue detailing :s. I noticed a chip in the paint on my fender.

    I went back to the dealer for some other things and brought it up to the sales manager that I think it got scratched while being serviced. But on the same note, that it had been a few days since it was in so I wasn't, and couldn't make a big stink over it.

    He went out and looked at it and said the next time I brought it in for service, that they would take care of charge.

    That's only one of many good stories about my local DEALER.
  8. Hill202

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    Mine became one at the 1000 mile service.
  9. Retrop

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    I have no idea if this particular dealer rises to the position of a "steeler" or not. Don't care.
    I am reminded that in some places a "good" drug dealer has been known to give away the first few dime bags free, so to speak. They too will catch you on the next one.
    For those sensitive readers amongst us, I am certainly not comparing any HD franchise to a drug dealer. I am just telling you what shot through my head.
    No harm intended. For my part I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv mine. If chrome = cocain, man am I hooked.
  10. SeaRider04

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    And why is that?. Cost too much?. Do they let you know how much does it gonna cost you before they do the job?. :6: